Shashlik of the vegan kind

Meat-free Shashlik - Far more appetising than the original!

Recipes from Boatyard House was set up earlier in the year to help document the culinary experiments of a young vegan from a small country in Europe.

So far it reads more like a small book of helpful tidbits than an encyclopædia however the aim of the project is to produce a miniature resource that not only answers the question of ‘What do Vegans eat’ but also provides recipes that are enjoyed by everyone!

Since this page is for everyone to enjoy I have tried to minimise the use of pre-fixes such as Vegetarian, Vegan and ‘cruelty free’ due to some non-vegans finding the phrases somewhat off-putting or intimidating, like the meal was not intended for them which is simple not the case, anyone can eat at my table.  People with specific allergies or food intolerance might not find that everything is suitable for them but I highly encourage them, and indeed everyone, to play with my recipes – make alterations and substitutions wherever necessary, and if you feel you have made something successful and want to share it, feel free to send the new recipe to me as that is after all what this blog is about, experimenting in our kitchens.

If, as a vegetarian or non-vegan, you have tried some of my recipes and feel you are ready to incorporate veganism into your lifestyle I solemnly urge you to visit the vegan society website and take the pledge, the best place to receive all the help and advice that you will need.


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