Pestouille – Pesto Ratatouille


Chicory (cc)

A nice, light refreshing dish that would work well as an alternative bruschetta topping, admittedly that was the plan until I forgot to take them out of the oven.

Heat a small wok or frying pan of rapeseed oil and leave until sizzling. Slice a small aubergine, bell pepper and a chicory along with a selection of mushrooms (I used the 70g left over from my medley), add to the oil when ready and stir for 20 minutes along with a handful of samphire, 2tbs pesto (check the ingredients, it should be milk free pesto), and a prickle of dried garlic.


Pestouille served with bread.

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2 Responses to Pestouille – Pesto Ratatouille

  1. luv it! what a nice combination of flavors!

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